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Your support is required to help the people of Bihar and Assam.

What We Do

Mother Concern is an organization that works in partnership with community-based women’s organizations to address issues of health and reproductive rights, economic development, education and other human rights. We are activists who provide the necessary support to the issues affecting women globally; amplify the voices, build women’s capacity to use social change and women’s rights and strengthen the impact of feminist and social movement activists to transform society. We provide resources and training to meet these goals by addressing immediate needs in their communities and developing long-term solutions to the crises they face. Mothers Concern was born out of a belief that together we can make a difference. Women cannot develop long-term solutions to the crises they face when they are struggling to ensure their family’s daily survival. Mothers Concern therefore works to meet urgent needs as a necessary component of creating social change. Our movement enables people to come together and see their own struggles in a broader context and in relation to other peoples’ struggles. Mothers Concern strength lies in our ability to meet the urgent needs of women and families as we work towards a long-term vision of social justice. Women are often hardest hit when disaster strikes. That’s because they have fewer resources to start with and often have no safety net. Women are also primarily responsible for those made most vulnerable by disaster—children, the elderly and people who are ill or disabled.

The experience of working with the communities provided us with an understanding that considering health of adolescents/ young people along with women and children is significant in terms of overall health and development status of the community. But women need more than aid. Women at the community level must be integral to designing and carrying out relief efforts.

Mothers Concern founders have pooled the strengths of their diverse social work and life experiences to create an organization that addresses the problems, difficulties, Upliftment and social change of poor and neglected mothers. We are proud to have been part of and contributed to the blossoming and growth of the feminist movements of social change for mothers in different parts of our society. We are committed to continue our participation and contribution to feminist and social movement activism for the oppressed and neglected mothers and to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment

Why Support Us

From the beginning, Mothers Concern approached its work from the perspective of women, reflecting the world through the eyes of those who are responsible for the housing, health care, day care, nutrition, education and emotional wellbeing of the vast majority of the population and who are targeted for discrimination and violence. Mothers Concern founders understand that women’s social roles as caretakers give them a powerful stake in social issues. They also believe that women could transform their individual experiences of violence and discrimination into a stance against all forms of oppression if they get their due support and the voices are heard. We know that while women’s traditional social roles and discrimination against women were global in scope, they are experienced differently, depending on race, nationality, class, sexuality and other aspects of identity. While focusing on the universality of women’s roles and women’s oppression could be a key to building lasting social partnerships between women from different communities. You may help not only with funding for our organization but with messages of friendship and support. These have been as crucial as bread in ensuring our women that they are not alone, that someone knows about the hardships they are confronting and is standing with them. We have enabled them to channel their principles into coherent political positions and given them the means to act on what they know to be true. Mother concern knows that women who are affected by poverty and neglect have a clear understanding of what kind of support they need. What they usually lack are the resources to meet those needs. We can carry out relief efforts in ways that respond to the priorities and perspectives of local communities by mobilizing resources quickly and efficiently.

In today’s globalised world, women are facing new challenges including growing economic and food crises, climate change, natural disasters and the continued growth of fundamentalisms and armed conflicts that are hitting women and children the hardest. More importantly, marginalized women need to assert their identities and create alternative forms of communication that draws inspiration from the diversity and resilience intrinsic to their own particular way of living.

Vission & Mission

Mother Concern Vision: Mother Concern works towards a world in which all mothers enjoy the fullest range of individual and collective human rights; in which resources are shared equitably and sustainably; in which women participate effectively in all aspects of society; and in which mothers have a meaningful say in decision that affect their lives.

Mother Concern vision is enacted with an understanding of the inter-relationships between the various issues we address and by a commitment to working in partnership with women at the local, regional and international levels who share our goals.

We believe in the power of women to eliminate poverty and create health and hope for themselves and their babies, families, and communities.

Mother Concern Mission:To advance women’s human rights by meeting urgent needs in communities and building lasting solutions to the crises women face.

Our mission is to impact the health of women by putting them at the heart of improving health, nutrition and education. Mother Concern empowers mothers through education and employment, as role models to help other women access essential services and medical care.

Through Mother Concern, we work with governments, local partners, and communities to:

  • Reduce maternal and child mortality
  • Advance healthy development of newborns and children
  • Improve the health of women, their partners, and families
  • Promote universal access to reproductive health and family planning
  • Reduce stigma and discrimination
  • Promote gender equality
  • Support livelihood development for families and communities