Women’s Health

Mother Concern, an NGO for health in India, is aiming to provide a healthy life to mothers in India. We tend to think of health mainly as a function of biology. However, the strongest determinants of health are the social, peolitical, and economic forces in our lives. Health is not only the absence of disease but also a state of physical, mental, and social well-being. Our health depends enormously on our access to nutritious food, clean water, and medical care. Furthermore, it depends on the levels of violence and stress in our lives. Also, it depends on how much and under what conditions we work and on the opportunities we have for love, pleasure, and fulfillment. The notion that health is a measure of fitness and a commodity creates confusion between health, our well-being, and medicines.

From Human resource point of view, Our NGO for women and children in India’s perspective is to achieve better health and development for women and children. While improving their health, the NGO for health has adopted a life cycle approach to make an impact on their health. The approach of the organization remains to improve women and child health by developing a community-based organization. Moreover, it is empowered to offer primary health care services at the community level. Besides this, it improves knowledge and skill of existing health care practitioners on women and child health, non-medical practitioners only when they are the exclusive service providers, training traditional birth attendants for safe home delivery, training people on women and child health to create a pool of knowledge in the community. Training NGO’s on women and child health remains an approach of our NGO for health in India.

Women Empowerment

The various sectors that find a place in Mother Care project are the reproductive health of women and women’s economic opportunities. Other sectors are women’s education, skills, and knowledge development, and linkages building. The activities in the project are all about the overall empowerment of women. We try to sensitize them in the area of violence against women. Moreover, they are exposed to the knowledge of their marital and legal rights. In these efforts, we do not leave out the men as participants. We are involving male participation in the crusade against violence. Women’s empowerment is incomplete without economic and educational inputs. Thus We conduct awareness programs for teachers and parents so that they impress upon the community to send the children particularly the girl child to preschool levels. Through skill development, we encourage women entrepreneurship.

We train young girls in typing, tailoring, or beauty culture so that they can attain economic independence. Thus the overall development of girls will help them in knowing their rights as married women. We empower them so that they can voice their opinion in decision making in family and outside. Mother Concern, an NGO for health in India, works with women and families around to reset the course of the world. Women experience this global crisis daily. They face wars, environmental destruction, poverty, and gender-based violence. It is the women themselves who are creating this change in partnership with the best NGO for health in India, i.e., Mother Concern.

Combating Violence

Mother concern, An NGO for women in India, provides a safe space for women to discuss the violence they endure. Also, our partners encourage women to report instances of abuse and provide moral and legal support for those who do. Gender, inequality, and violence against women in India affect the lives of every person, regardless of age or gender. Speaking up is the first and most important step to Ending Violence against Women in India.

Across the world, continued violence threatens the future of millions of women and their communities. Additionally, the international community has recognized the valuable contribution women make to conflict prevention and sustainable peacebuilding. However, women and gender considerations are still largely absent from the structures that make the decisions to sustain peace or engage in conflict.Our NGO for women aims to assist peacekeeping personnel. Also, it promotes the human rights and security of women and girls. Girls who are out to explore the world and enter public life faces several challenges. It is due to both external factors as well as internal factors such as attitudes, beliefs, awareness, etc.

Across rural India, the phenomenon of migration creates an entire class of women left behind to fend for themselves in the face of increased vulnerability to neglect, discrimination, and psychological as well as physical abuse. Physical, sexual, and psychological violence strikes women in epidemic proportions worldwide. It crosses every social and economic class, every religion, race, and ethnicity. From domestic abuse to rape as a weapon of war, violence against women in India is a gross violation of their human rights. Not only does it threaten women’s health and their social and economic well-being, violence, but also thwart global efforts to reduce poverty. Violence is, however, preventable.

Protecting survivors of violence and exploitation

A combination of efforts that address income, education, health, laws, and infrastructure can reduce violence and its tragic consequences. The first and foremost thing is that abusive behavior towards women will be unacceptable. Communities need to have an important role in defining solutions to violence and providing support to victims. And men must engage themselves in the process too, as agents of change standing alongside women to end violence. If the world does not address the issue, it stands to suppress the enormous potential of women and girls. Make them feel safe, support, and empower them, and you will see that women and girls can be game-changers. Also, they are the catalyst for the next great innovation and the driving force behind stronger economies.

Mother concern, an NGO for women in India work to make sure that local police, hospitals, and the government treat domestic violence as a serious crime and a violation of women’s human rights. Moreover, we employ a multifaceted approach to reducing violence against women. Above all, we conduct empirical research to understand the incidence of violence. Along with it, we try to know the costs associated with it and the factors that lead to it. We prevent violence against women and have a comprehensive approach. It includes economically empowering women, involving boys and men, protecting survivors of violence, and rehabilitating abusive men.