The various sectors that find a place in Mother Care project are the reproductive health of women and women’s economic opportunities. Other sectors are women’s education, skills, and knowledge development, and linkages building. The activities in the project are all about the overall empowerment of women. We try to sensitize them in the area of violence against women. Moreover, they are exposed to the knowledge of their marital and legal rights. In these efforts, we do not leave out the men as participants. We are involving male participation in the crusade against violence. Women’s empowerment is incomplete without economic and educational inputs. Thus We conduct awareness programs for teachers and parents so that they impress upon the community to send the children particularly the girl child to preschool levels. Through skill development, we encourage women entrepreneurship.

An NGO for women empowerment, Mother Concern is endeavoring to provide economic independence, and thereby, making them gain a foothold in society. With our efforts, we believe that we will be able to protect them from becoming prey to a regressive mindset. The women empowerment program is a core sector of our work. Our NGO for women in India, Mother Concern ensures a better chance of survival to the disadvantaged women living in less-privileged sections of society.

We train young girls in typing, tailoring, or beauty culture so that they can attain economic independence. Thus the overall development of girls will help them in knowing their rights as married women. Also, we believe that by bringing women into the workforce, we can give wings to our mission of development of the nation. We empower them so that they can voice their opinion in decision making in family and outside. Mother Concern, an NGO for health in India, works with women and families around to reset the course of the world. Women experience this global crisis daily. They face wars, environmental destruction, poverty, and gender-based violence. It is the women themselves who are creating this change in partnership with the best NGO for health in India, i.e., Mother Concern.