Mother Concern, an NGO for health in India, is aiming to provide a healthy life to mothers in India. We tend to think of health mainly as a function of biology. However, the strongest determinants of health are the social, political, and economic forces in our lives. Health is not only the absence of disease but also a state of physical, mental, and social well-being. Our health depends enormously on our access to nutritious food, clean water, and medical care. Furthermore, it depends on the levels of violence and stress in our lives. Also, it depends on how much and under what conditions we work and on the opportunities we have for love, pleasure, and fulfilment. The notion that health is a measure of fitness and a commodity creates confusion between health, our well-being, and medicines. Being an NGO for health in India, Mother Concern is adopting new ways to serve the abandoned mothers with all the health-related benefits.

In India, it’s an unfortunate fact that women have to go through stigma and biases at different levels in life. At most of the places, disparities do exist and it’s not wrong to say that it is the root cause of most of the problems in society. Our NGO for women and children in India, Mother Concern is dealing with the issues of women empowerment in a systematic way. We serve the necessitous women of India with the same privilege that men are getting in this patriarchal society.

From Human resource point of view, Our NGO for women and children in India’s perspective is to achieve better health and development for women and children. While improving their health, the NGO for health has adopted a life cycle approach to make an impact on their health. The approach of the organization remains to improve women and child health by developing a community-based organization. Moreover, it is empowered to offer primary health care services at the community level. Besides this, it improves knowledge and skill of existing health care practitioners on women and child health, non-medical practitioners only when they are the exclusive service providers, training traditional birth attendants for safe home delivery, training people on women and child health to create a pool of knowledge in the community. Training NGO’s on women and child health remains an approach of our NGO for health in India.