Mother concern, An NGO for women in India, provides a safe space for women to discuss the violence they endure. Also, our partners encourage women to report instances of abuse and provide moral and legal support for those who do. Gender, inequality, and violence against women in India affect the lives of every person, regardless of age or gender. Speaking up is the first and most important step to Ending Violence against Women in India. We are making every possible effort to empower less privileged mothers with all the privileges of life. Furthermore, we are looking after deprived mothers living in marginalized areas in different parts of India. Our mission is to focus on issues of abandoned mothers who have suffered a lot due to the ill-minded people of society.

Across the world, continued violence threatens the future of millions of women and their communities. Additionally, the international community has recognized the valuable contribution women make to conflict prevention and sustainable peacebuilding. However, women and gender considerations are still largely absent from the structures that make the decisions to sustain peace or engage in conflict. Our NGO for women aims to assist peacekeeping personnel. Also, it promotes the human rights and security of women and girls. Girls who are out to explore the world and enter public life faces several challenges. It is due to both external factors as well as internal factors such as attitudes, beliefs, awareness, etc. Being an NGO for women in India, Mother Concern is taking action to tackle civic issues related to the safety and security of abandoned mothers in particular and necessitous women in general.

Across rural India, the phenomenon of migration creates an entire class of women left behind to fend for themselves in the face of increased vulnerability to neglect, discrimination, and psychological as well as physical abuse. Physical, sexual, and psychological violence strikes women in epidemic proportions worldwide. It crosses every social and economic class, every religion, race, and ethnicity. From domestic abuse to rape as a weapon of war, violence against women in India is a gross violation of their human rights. Not only does it threaten women’s health and their social and economic well-being, violence, but also thwart global efforts to reduce poverty. Violence is, however, preventable. We have reached out to many mothers and we are not going to stop anytime soon as we have to go miles to create many success stories.