A combination of efforts that address income, education, health, laws, and infrastructure can reduce violence and its tragic consequences. The first and foremost thing is that abusive behavior towards women will be unacceptable. Communities need to have an important role in defining solutions to violence and providing support to victims. And men must engage themselves in the process too, as agents of change standing alongside women to end violence. If the world does not address the issue, it stands to suppress the enormous potential of women and girls. Make them feel safe, support, and empower them, and you will see that women and girls can be game-changers. Also, they are the catalyst for the next great innovation and the driving force behind stronger economies. Being an NGO for women in India, Mother Concern has joined hands with many groups in order to give fuel to our developmental mission of serving a majority of women in society.

It’s unfortunate to say that the volume of cases of violence against women and girls has increased in recent years. The deep and far-reaching effects of violence against women and girls have shaken the lives of many deserted women living under the roof of hardships and challenges. At Mother Concern, an NGO for mothers in India, we believe that every woman deserves a healthy and blissful life along with the cover of respect and dignity in society. Being an NGO for women in India, Mother Concern has taken a vow that it will put a brake on existing levels of violence against women in society and won’t let the physical and sexual exploitation take place in the upcoming years for sure. As we believe in the old school but applicable philosophy that prevention is better than cure, we are building a platform through which we will start working on the prevention aspects and also we will try to give a violence-free life to most of the women so that they can write a different future of our country.

Mother concern, an NGO for women in India works to make sure that local police, hospitals, and the government treat domestic violence as a serious crime and a violation of women’s human rights. Moreover, we employ a multifaceted approach to reducing violence against women. Above all, we conduct empirical research to understand the incidence of violence. Along with it, we try to know the costs associated with it and the factors that lead to it. We prevent violence against women and have a comprehensive approach. It includes economically empowering women, involving boys and men, protecting survivors of violence, and rehabilitating abusive men. We are targeting that financially backward section of society where there is a minimum availability of resources.