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Equality for Women is Progress for All (Mar 17, 2014)

Ironically enough, India has the distinction of having the world’s largest number of professionally qualified women! India prides in having more women as doctors, surgeons, scientists and professors than the United States has. Then again, woman faces discrimination at her home, starting from womb to tomb. She ventures out to the street and she’s not sure what harassment would greet her at the corner. If she bears a daughter, she doesn’t know why rest of her life won’t be the same again! The saga continues; generation after generation; leaving little chance for Indian society to take a giant leap.

Our Women In their Local Communities (Mar 17, 2014)

“Without the relevant information, training and resources, our women in their local communities will not be able to rise to the challenge. We need to instill in them a belief in themselves and the belief that their knowledge and their strategies are just as important as someone who wears a tailored suit and speaks the language of policy makers.”

A land having the distinction of boasting the world’s largest number of professionally qualified women is yet to ensure a life with dignity for the majority of its womenfolk! India’s male to female ratio is an alarming 1000:933. Women form half of the country’s population, yet only about half of them are literate. Close to 1.5 lakh women become victims of various crimes annually, as per reported cases. Further, an estimated 5 crore women face mental and physical cruelty. Although, the legal marriageable age for a girl in India is 18 years, our girl child doesn’t have a say when she is going to be a woman!