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It is not the effort of just one single person that counts at mother- concern. Also, It is a group effort by volunteer, donors and the Mother Concern. Moreover, we can say that it’s not possible for anyone to do anything in isolation. Together, we can change the world.

Master Aditya

Age:6 Years

Master Aditya Kumar accidentally came in contact with high voltage wire and his body got 30% electric burns and was given an estimate of Rs 2,50,000/- for the overall treatment and skin surgeries. He belongs to a financially feeble family. His father is a security guard and is not in a condition to bear the overall expenses. Please come forward to help this needy child.

Baby Sahar

Age:6 Years

Baby Sahar accidentally came in contact with boiling milk and got 45 % burns on leg, hand, chest and back areas. These burns needs immediate treatment and skin surgeries to avoid further infections. She belongs to a poor family. Her father is not in a condition to bear the overall expenses. Currently, Sahar's condition demands immediate help, you can view the medical history of this child by clicking her.