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Mother Concern, A Foundation for Mothers, helping women and single mothers

foundation for mothers

A foundation for Mothers in India called Mother Concern collaborates with groups for women. It talks about things like economic growth, education, and other human rights together with things like health and reproductive rights. Additionally, we are activists who offer essential assistance to problems impacting women all over the world. We increase the voices, empower women to use social change, and advance women’s rights. Additionally, it increases the power of social movements and feminist activists to change society.

What does the Foundation for Mothers do to achieve its objectives:

To achieve these objectives, our mother-focused NGO offers training and tools. Additionally, it is feasible to attend to their communities’ present needs and come up with long-term solutions to the issues they confront. Mother Concern is an NGO for mothers in India that was founded on the idea that by working together, we can change the world. When they are battling to maintain the daily existence of their families, women are unable to devise long-term answers to the issues they face. Therefore, Mother Concern seeks to address pressing needs as a critical step in bringing about societal change. Through our movement, people may come together, view their hardships in a larger framework, and observe the struggles of others.

MISSION AND VISION of Foundation for Mothers:

Mother Concern’s Vision:

Mother Concern strives for a world where all mothers have access to the full range of individual and collective human rights, where resources are fairly distributed, where women actively participate in all facets of society, and where mothers meaningfully participate in decisions that have an impact on their lives.

The Mother Concern vision is carried out with knowledge of the connections between the different issues we tackle. Additionally, we collaborate with female partners who share our objectives at the local, regional, and international levels.

Women have the ability to end poverty, according to our mothers’ organization. Additionally, it fosters well-being and hopes for themselves, their unborn children, their families, and their communities.

Mother Concern Mission:  

To enhance women’s human rights by addressing critical community needs and creating long-lasting answers to the problems women encounter. Our goal is to influence the health of women through enhancing their education, nutrition, and health. Mother Concern is an NGO that empowers moms via work and education. It facilitates other women’s access to necessary services and healthcare by serving as role models. We also collaborate with senior living facilities in India.

Efforts made by Foundation for Mothers to help the women and widows in India:

Educating Women to Empower Them

Foundation for Mothers is aware that empowering women and ending the cycle of poverty requires knowledge. They actively endeavor to make educational opportunities for women available, particularly for those who have previously been excluded. They take steps to guarantee that women may gain the knowledge and skills they need to secure a better future for themselves and their families, including literacy programs, vocational training, and scholarships.

Financial Self-Sufficiency for Single Moms

Providing for their families might provide particular difficulties for single mothers. This is acknowledged by the Foundation for moms, which provides financial assistance to single moms via a variety of channels. This includes courses on entrepreneurship, job placement assistance, and microfinance initiatives.

Widows’ Support: A Lifeline

The loss of a spouse is terrible on both an emotional and financial level. Foundation for Mothers offers financial support and emotional support to widows, acting as a lifeline for them. The group uses the donations it receives to support widows in rebuilding their lives.

The Foundation now provides counseling services to assist widows in overcoming their grief and navigating the difficulties of being a single parent. Foundation for Mothers makes sure that widows are not left to struggle alone by attending to their emotional and economic needs.

Advocating for the rights of women

Foundation for Mothers is dedicated to bringing about long-lasting change by promoting women’s rights at the local, national, and international levels in addition to offering immediate aid. They strive to alter cultural attitudes and structures that support gender inequality and discrimination through awareness campaigns, policy campaigning, and collaborations with other NGOs. The Foundation for Mothers works to build a more just and inclusive society where women can have access to the same opportunities and rights as men.


An NGO committed to the advancement of women and the welfare of their families is the Foundation for Mothers. Often known as Mother Concern. This group makes a valiant effort to empower women, especially single mothers, and assist widows in their time of need. It does this through education, financial support, advocacy, and community involvement. Their drive to close disparities for underprivileged women. Promoting women’s rights is a reflection of their steadfast commitment to establishing a society that is more equitable.

Let’s acknowledge the significance of funding organizations that promote the rights and welfare of women. By doing this, we can help create a world in which every woman has the chance to succeed. Every family may have a better future.

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