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Foundation for the mother’s health propels women’s basic liberties by addressing pressing necessities in networks and building enduring answers for the emergencies women face. Mother Concern Foundation for the mother’s health an organization that works in partnership with community-based women’s organizations to address issues of health and reproductive rights, economic development, education, and other human rights.

Foundation for the mother's health

We are activists who provide the foundation for mother health and the necessary support to the issues affecting women globally. Amplify the voices, build women’s capacity to use social change and women’s rights, and strengthen the impact of feminist and social movement activists to transform society.

Foundation for the mother’s health had been serving the young girl child and women in their bad phase in empowering them. We provide food, shelter, accommodation, education and other essential things which are necessary for their survival. We train small children in creating, fitting, or gloriousness culture so they can accomplish financial independence. Therefore the overall headway of youngsters will help them in realizing their honors as hitched women. Moreover, we acknowledge that via conveying women into the workforce, we can give wings to our focal objective of progression of the country.

We connect with them so they can voice their point of view in decision making in family and outside. Mother Concern, a Foundation for the mother’s health in India, works with women and families around to reset the course of the world. Women experience this overall crisis step by step. They face wars, environmental annihilation, poverty, and direction based mercilessness. It is just the ones who are making this change of association with the best NGO for prosperity in India, i.e., Mother Concern.

A land having the distinction of boasting the world’s largest number of professionally qualified women is yet to ensure a life with dignity for the majority of its womenfolk. An estimated 5 crore women face mental and physical cruelty. Although, the legal marriageable age for a girl in India is 21 years, our girl child doesn’t have a say when she is going to be a woman.

What does Mother concern do?

  • Lessen maternal and young person mortality.
  • Advance strong improvement of new-conceived and kids.
  • Work on the strength of women, their accessories, and their families.
  • Hoist general permission to regenerative prosperity and family orchestrating.
  • Lessen shame and isolation.
  • Advance direction consistency.
  • Support occupation improvement for families and the local area.

Mother concern understands that women standing up to desperation and negligence have a sensible cognizance of what kind of assist them with requiring. What they for the most part need are the resources for address those issues. Other than this, we can finish help projects in habits that respond to the necessities and perspectives of neighborhood organizations. Moreover, it is possible by planning resources quickly and gainfully.

In the present globalized world, women are standing up to new troubles. It joins a becoming monetary and food crisis, natural change, calamitous occasions. Moreover, it joins the continued with advancement of fundamentalisms and outfitted battles that is precarious for women and children. Even more altogether, limited women need to insist their characters and make elective sorts of correspondence that draw inspiration from the assortment and strength trademark for their particular way to deal with day to day existence. Like: Facebook, InstagramTwitter