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Mother Concern NGO for Women Upliftment

NGO for woman

Mother Concern NGO for Women Upliftment is working to address this pressing issue in the realm of global development, where everyone is preoccupied with their own affairs.

The Indian Constitution’s Highest Law In other words, the Indian Constitution not only guarantees women’s equality but also gives them the right to take action against gender-based discrimination. In order to accomplish this, we are collaborating with others.

Though our country is in the phase of modernization, women are still addressing many issues, from education to human rights. Mother Concern, an NGO for women, is increasingly taking responsibility for implementing gender equality and women’s empowerment for the development of our pride nation.

In order to change the lives of marginalized women, we are working at the grassroots level to give the essential assistance. To improve their environment, we inform them about different health initiatives and programs.

According to our philosophy, success can always be attained with a happy body and mind. We are all talking about women and their rights in the modern period. But are these rights actually granted to them?

The answer is no! Human rights include the basic necessities of life, such as food, shelter, education, and employment. No matter, whether you have lower status or you have an ample amount of money.

We, as women Ngo, are trying our level best to meet all the needs for their survival. Now, we would like to ask our readers: are you not a citizen of India? It is not your responsibility to contribute to the needs of the needy. We, as a part of society, need to help the deprived class.

It’s crucial to establish a pleasant and healthy atmosphere for the mother because doing so benefits the entire family.

NGO for Women Empowerment

Empowering women is the best growth strategy in India today. Women are working hard to lead their communities and outperform men in all aspects of life. As a result, we must empower women throughout India. Women are disproportionately affected by conflict in rural and urban slum areas. Even their thoughts are not considered before making a decision.

During deliveries, we encountered a number of women who were experiencing this problem. Women’s non-governmental organizations (NGOs) assist such women and girls in society.

The government of India introduces many schemes for women empowerment such as Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, Women Helpline schemes and many for. As a moral responsibility, we have taken multiple initiatives.

Let’s have a look at the scheme by Government

One Stop Centre Scheme

These schemes earlier know as “sakhi“scheme.  It was launched in 1 April 2015 under Nirbhaya Fund. There are many centers located in various parts of country with to provide shelter, legal and medical help along with this counseling services to the victim of violence.

Naari Shakti Puruskars

To recognize the efforts of women at national level to make a difference especially in the life of marginalized women it’s presented by President of India on every International Women’s Days i.e. March 8 at RashtrapatiBhawan.


The scheme launched with the aim to

  • Provide shelter, food, and clothing, and rehabilitation facility to marginalized women and girls.
  • Women prisoners released from Jail.
  • Implementing agencies are mainly NGO.

Safeguard them against Violence

Violence and its devastating effects can reduce by a concerted effort that addresses issues of money, education, health, legislation, and infrastructure. The first and most important issue is that violence against women is unacceptable. In order to prevent violence and support its victims, communities must have a significant role in developing solutions.

Men must also participate in the process as change agents working with women to put an end to violence. The great potential of women and girls could be suppressed if the world does not address the problem.

You will realize how powerful women and girls can be if you can give them a sense of security, empowerment, and support. They are also the starting point for the next big breakthrough and the engine for developing more robust economies.

Here, we are sharing some data shared by NCRB about violence against women

  • 28 lakhs cases registered in 2021 crime against women is increased at a pace of 15.3% i.e. 1 lakh per population.
  • 8% increase in overall crime against women in India.
  • Maximum no. of cases falls under the Category “Cruelty by Husband or his relatives”.
  • Assault on women with intent to outrage her modesty is 20.8%.
  • In an alarming situation in which every 20 women died out of dowry harassment I.e. either murder, suicide or compelled for suicide.

Our organization is providing a helping hand to the victim of violence. We also help them to file the complaint against the abuse and harassment they faced. We see it has a moral responsibility to provide support.  The violence against women not only impact her but it impact everyone attached to her life especially her children.

The most crucial and first step in ending violence against women in India is speaking up. In order to provide all of life’s privileges to less fortunate women, we are doing everything we can.

Mother Concern NGO for Women Steps:

Create a Safe Space

Before, anything the foremost important thing is to create a safe space for the women and girls.  Not only in school or workspace but also in the house. The report of NCRB in which maximum crime against women done.  We need to create a space in their place.

Holistic Development of Society

One of the key concepts for the general development of society in India is women’s empowerment. Participating in the societal growth is not wrong in any way. In the world of corporations, women are taking on a variety of jobs in fields including medicine, engineering, and other fields. They actively participate in the military, naval, police, and other security agencies in addition to the technological sector. The community elevated by all of the aforementioned offerings.

Provide them Employment

According to the World Bank Report, women from 2010 to 2020 are disappearing from the work force. The stats drop from 26% to 19 %. This was disastrous news even before the COVID-19 wave. Half of the population includes women. The misbalance in employment opportunities c eradicated with the assistance of women’s empowerment. To make full use of women’s potential, they should given an equal chance to empower them.


Mother Concern is an NGO for women, and has commenced executing programmes and campaigns concerning women’s empowerment through educating them. Our mission is to empower single women so that they overwhelmed by joy.

Our NGO has strategic framing regarding women’s welfare so that they remain steady their entire life.

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