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NGO for single mothers, addressing problem faced by Single mothers in India.

NGO for single mothers

In a rapidly changing world, where societal norms are continuously evolving, the concept of family has also undergone transformation. Single Motherhood, once a rarity, is becoming increasingly common in India. Mother Concern an NGO for single mothers in India has dedicated efforts to help these Single Motherhood. These strong women are frequently confronted with a variety of difficulties as they raise their children on their own. To address the unique struggles faced by single mothers in India, “Mother Concern. A pioneering NGO for single mothers has emerged as a beacon of hope and support. The position of single moms in India, their difficulties, and the effective interventions of the NGO. “Mother Concern” are all covered in this article.

Indian NGO for single mothers Situation:

In India, the situation of single moms illustrates the intricate interplay of social, cultural, and economic variables. Even though single parenthood is increasingly accepted, it still carries some stigma in many societies. Since they may be seen as defying society’s standards. Single mothers are frequently at a disadvantage due to traditional expectations around the family unit. Ostracism and a lack of emotional support from neighbours and other family members may come from this.

Single mothers frequently experience unstable financial circumstances. Their financial security is impacted by the pervasive gender wage difference in the nation. Which makes it difficult for them to provide for their families. Additionally, their economic difficulties are made worse by their limited access to school and employment possibilities. Because of this, a lot of single women and their kids are at risk for poverty and a lack of access to essentials.

Problems Single Mothers in India Face:

In India, single moms face a variety of difficulties that have an effect on both their general well-being and the well-being of their kids. These difficulties include:

Financial Difficulties: Single mothers frequently struggle to meet their fundamental necessities, as well as the educational and medical demands of their kids. It is challenging to break the cycle of poverty since many people are obliged to take on low-paying employment with minimal job security.

Social Exclusion: Feelings of loneliness and isolation may result from the stigma that society has associated with being a single mother. It’s possible for single mothers to feel lonely and without social support.

Emotional stability: Single mothers’ mental and emotional well-being can suffer as a result of juggling the demands of employment and parenting kids alone. Their general well-being may be impacted by the stress and strain they experience.

Lack of legal backing: For single mothers, navigating legal issues like child custody, property rights, and maintenance can be extremely challenging, especially if they don’t have access to legal assistance.

Access to Education is Limited: Many impediments prevent single mothers from getting the education they want for themselves and their kids. Their ability for upward mobility is restricted by their lack of education, which feeds the cycle of poverty.

“Mother Concern” NGO Providing Independence to Single Mothers:

The “Mother Concern” NGO for single mothers has stepped in to address the particular difficulties faced by single mothers in India after realising the urgent need for empowerment and assistance. Through a multifaceted strategy that includes financial, emotional, and educational help, this organisation is committed to enhancing the lives of single moms and their kids.

Financial Independence: For the purpose of giving single moms the tools they need to achieve better career possibilities; the NGO provides skill development programmes and vocational training. The “Mother Concern” NGO for single mothers wants to increase their financial independence and stability by assisting them in developing marketable skills.

Legal Support: The NGO for single mothers offers legal support and counselling since it is aware of the obstacles in the legal system that single mothers frequently face. This includes advice on questions of child custody, property rights, and maintenance-related difficulties.

Emotional assistance: A secure and encouraging environment is established for single mothers by the NGO so that they can talk about their struggles and feel less alone. To help them with the emotional difficulties they encounter, counselling services are also provided.

Advocacy and Conscience: By educating people about single moms challenges and fighting for their rights, the NGO for single mothers actively attempts to alter cultural perceptions of them. Campaigns to lessen stigma and promote an inclusive society fall under this category.

Educational Assistance: Education is a top priority for the non-profit organisation “Mother Concern” for single moms and their kids. They end the cycle of poor access to school by offering scholarships and educational resources.

Let’s look into the initiative taken by our government to help single mother:

Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana (PMMVY): For their first live birth, this maternity benefit programme offers financial assistance to expectant and nursing women, including single moms. By offering financial incentives for good nutrition and medical treatment throughout pregnancy and after delivery, the programme seeks to lower the rates of mother and infant mortality.

Women and Child Development Schemes: Numerous initiatives and programmes are available through the Ministry of Women and Child Development to assist women, including single mothers. The Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) programme, which offers extra nutrition, preschool instruction, health care, and referral services, is one of these programmes.

Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY):

Although primarily intended to encourage institutional deliveries, this programme offers financial rewards to expectant mothers—including single mothers—who give birth in a medical facility. It promotes sanitary and safe delivery methods and seeks to lower maternal and newborn mortality.

Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao (BBBP) Scheme:This effort focuses on elevating the importance of the girl child and assuring her education and well-being, albeit it is not just for single mothers. Families are encouraged to make investments in the education and future of their daughters.

Rajiv Gandhi National Crèche Scheme for the Children of Working Mothers: This scheme aims to provide safe and stimulating daycare facilities for children of working mothers, including single mothers. It assists in their cognitive, physical, and social development.

Hence, these efforts by the government along with the efforts made by the NGO for single mothers. Mother Concern makes the lifestyle of these single mothers easy. And help them to become independent and financially equipped to help their child and their family as well.


In India, single moms face a wide range of difficulties, yet there is some optimism thanks to the creation. Organisations like the NGO. This NGO is making a significant contribution to supporting single mothers to overcome challenges. Create better futures for both themselves and their children by addressing their financial, and emotional. Educational needs. As we advance, it is critical to keep supporting and fighting for the rights and welfare of single mothers. Building a culture that values their tenacity and fortitude.

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