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Ngo for Single Mothers in Delhi fighting for their Individuality

NGO for single mothers in Delhi

Mother Concern is an NGO for single mothers in Delhi that is always standing up for their rights and individuality. We are living in a modern era in which families are transitioning from joint to nuclear to single parenting. When it comes to single mothers, however, a problem arises because our society has become hypocritical. They have raised many questions about her individuality and parenthood. In today’s article, we will talk about single mothers, their struggles, and Mother Concern’s role in this.

It is difficult to comprehend the magnitude of the difficulties that single mothers, whether divorcees, widows or separated, face on a daily basis in India. Being a mother is the most humble and rewarding experience a person can have. Nevertheless, the NGO for single mothers in Delhi has come across many cases where a mother. Whether by choice or by circumstance, is a single mother. However, this is not justice for women who don’t have a supportive partner or family. In addition, after that, when she refuses to bear this burden, her own family, and in-laws don’t support her.

Ngo for Single Mothers in Delhi on Facing Opposition from Own Family

Mother Concern NGO for single mothers in Delhi to develop skills in women to become leaders of society and to bring changes in society. She is ordered to work outside and complete all house chores. Both duties require patience and dedication to complete on their own. An NGO for single mothers assists the above mothers by offering their kids food on a daily basis. Our NGO frequently spreads food for free in the shanty town nearby areas Delhi and the NCR. Therefore, every mother is free to go out and work.

Aside from that, a single woman is constantly judged and labeled; her image and perception change 360 degrees simply because she does not fit in. The stereotype of the common woman or a stereotypical woman who should have stayed worked harder to make things work in her paradise.

During this difficult time in her life, a single mother is unable to obtain comfort and guidance. The emotional aspect requires attention. Moreover, she isn’t always allowed to express how badly she is hurt even though she needs to be resilient and take care of just about everything. How can she be vulnerable and then give up on hope?

When a single mother or women raise her voice even in her own parent’s house she needs to ignore and sometimes male member try to submerge her voice by raising their own. Simultaneously, her own mother doesn’t understand her and tells her to adjust, as her parents will never think wrong of her but what about her individuality?

Ngo for Single Mothers Making them Financial Independent

According to a UN report published in 2019–2021, single mothers make up 4.5% of all households, or 13 million, and this figure is expected to rise. Whereas 32 million women are single, they live in prolonged families. A lot of single mothers in her social community were unwilling to separate from their spouses due to financial instability. Another report shows that 58% of women leave their financial decisions to their male counterparts.

The first thought is that they have never managed the finances, so how can they begin without any guidance, or shall we say, approval? Therefore, the first thing all women should learn is how to invest money rather than just make savings. A single mother in case of separation should know that they will not have to manage the finance to take care of the children. Instead, his spouse will provide alimony for the children. Therefore, it is preferred to get a lump sum account.

Report on Families in Changing Scenario

A report released by, “Progress of the World’s Women 2019-2020: Families in a Changing World,”. Investigates how family transformations affect women’s rights as well as exposes that almost all nations can afford family-friendly policies. It discovered that women, frequently juggle paid employment, child raising, and nonpayment domestic work. Lead the vast majority of lone-parent families that also account for 8% of all households worldwide. Because the report covered 89 countries, the total number of households guided by single mothers increased to 101.3 billion.

Mother Concern  Ngo for single mothers in Delhi facilitating access to financial services involves spreading awareness about financial education among women through learning. Collaborating with private entities, and disseminating insight into the financial services, which all heirs must have.

By prioritizing access to finance, we make sure there is no systemic racism in society regarding financial services, and that such services attain everyone’s door regardless of family financial standing. Financial literacy is without a doubt a main factor in our nation’s capacity to empower the greatest number of women. Since its inception in 1992, the National Commission for Women has made consistent attempts for the welfare and upliftment of women in all fields. The primary vision is to enable our nation’s female population.

We are attempting to bridge the existing gap between formal and informal systems In order to leave a lasting impression of positivity in the lives of those who are less fortunate. They face a variety of complex issues. Our ngo for single mother in Delhi, Mother Concern, is more willing towards to the social investment technique in order to maximize the involvement of rural natives in financial planning things matter.


As we keep working on financial inclusion, we are raising availability to receive government-approved documents. Our team at ngo for single mother in Delhi, is a social investment NGO. It is attempting to reach out to needy people. The economically depressed areas and assisting them in establishing bank accounts and applying for loans. The issue with so natives is their absence of authenticity documentation. As a result, perhaps one of our commitments is to make proof of identity available to all of them.

This becomes a traumatic experience for her, especially when she chooses to be a single parent without thinking about society. This is the harsh reality of our society, where a woman doesn’t get support from society despite getting abuse from her own partner.

Mother Concern NGO for single mothers in Delhi previously has taken many initiatives to make women laudably heard in society. We provide them with many facilities. The patriarchal structure believes that she should be dependent on her father, brother, or husband i.e a male figure. That is not acceptable as she has her own identity rather than this.

Although it is your turn and we are progressing as planned, the ultimate destination is still not noticeable. We are able to say that it’s miles ahead of where we are currently.

When it comes to making unrivaled efforts, our ngo for single mothers in Delhi, has proven its worth in the field of economic inclusion. With the way things are going, we can declare that everything will be within our regulations in the near future. Our solution for women who are poor has greatly helped numerous women. We are all on the path to achieving access to financial services for the benefit of our society.

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