One of best NGO in India| A matter that becomes ceases to concern us

Mother Concern is one of the best NGO in India to help poor children and women. Mother concern established in 2013. We have been serving the poor by giving them the necessary needs for their survival. Mother Concern is one of the best NGO in India and works for the general upliftment of the people.

One of the best NGO in India

Our NGO never judges anyone by their caste, religion, and salary. We feel that we need to give these oppressed children a place in the public eye for their prosperity. We need an inequality-free society where each orientation of individuals treated equal as others.

What makes Mother Concern one of the best NGO in India?

  • The Mother Concern gave ready nutritious food which saves needy persons and prevents malnutrition.
  • Mother concern gives recovery focus where children and families get treated.
  • Mother concern gave them clothes and covers to protect them from the severe cold {in winter}.
  • Our NGO provides skills to the children to make them able to earn for their family as this will help them in bringing them out from the current situation.
  • If a child or his/her family is facing any kind of disease. Like HIV/AIDS, then Mother Concern Clinical & Emergency Clinic.

The main aim of our trust is to help and coordinate recovery measures in disaster and devastation. Mother’s concern creates awareness about the devastating diseases. Like AIDS/HIV, Cancer by organizing various camps in different areas in Delhi-NCR. We run free-of-cost clinical camps in slums, and cities for helpless children and the destitute. Apart from this, we provide financial help to deal with the disaster.

Mother Concern offers all the support  needed in  association with AIDS and HIV. For workplaces in the private sector, agricultural country gatherings, and non-governmental affiliations. The Trust provides fair working class and focused support with full readiness. Our organization supports the patients suffering from deadly diseases like HIV/AIDS. Provides support and care and account for the organization of records and delayed results of undertakings.

Mother concern coordinated much of the educational material for children’s work. At different levels and texts for restricted associations in the general population. We encourage children and motivate youth to take part in all competency programs.

Mother’s concern is grateful to every donor for supporting us. And allowing us to help these needy with their endurance and probably one of the best NGO in India to help poor children and women. The children living in the ghettos are given nutritious food, medical, and cloth free of cost. The trust’s secondary goal is to provide primary, secondary, and middle-level school education to the poor and street child.

Mother concern has been at the forefront of delivering necessities and serving the destitute. One who is suffering from common disturbances, emergencies. You can follow our social media platforms Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn for daily updates.

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