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Best NGO in India: spreading awareness about violence against women

Best NGO in India

violence against women is a never-ending issue affecting millions of women. In India, men often view themselves as superior to women and do not treat them equally, which can lead to violence against women. When a woman is subjected to mental and physical torture, it is not only shameful for the perpetrator but also for the Indian Constitution. The Best NGO in India tackling violence

Best NGO in India for women cares for them.

The Mother Concern Best NGO in India that focuses on caring for women. We address the issues that affect the growth of women, including mental, physical, and professional development. Our aim is to uplift women through various activities such as distributing food to underprivileged women, providing healthcare, education, vocational training, and more.

These programs were designed to make women independent so that they could live life on their own terms. Violence against women is a serious issue. This issue is increasing day by day in India, which is unacceptable. As responsible citizens, we should raise our voices and protect the dignity of every woman.

What is violence against women?

Violence against women is a rampant issue that impacts women of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures. It can take various forms, which we will discuss further.

Violence not only causes physical harm but also has long-lasting emotional and psychological effects on the victims. It is crucial for society to take a stand against this problem.

Types of violence against women in India

  • Domestic violence is a widespread issue in India that affects millions of women. It involves physical, sexual, or emotional abuse by a spouse or family member within the household.
  • Dowry-related harassment is a practice where the bride’s family provides gifts or money to the groom’s family at the time of marriage. Unfortunately, in some cases, this can lead to harassment after marriage, where the groom’s family demands more dowry or uses it as a means of control.
  • Sexual harassment in public spaces, often referred to as “eve teasing,” is a form of violence that includes unwelcome sexual advances, comments, or physical contact in public places. This kind of behavior can create a hostile environment for women and hinder their freedom of movement.
  • India is a country that serves as both a source and a transit country for human trafficking, with women and girls being the main targets for commercial sexual exploitation. This type of violence includes prostitution, forced labor, and other forms of exploitation.

What are the causes behind women facing violence in India?

The reasons behind the violence faced by women in India are complex and interrelated. They stem from a combination of societal, cultural, and structural factors.

Patriarchal values, lack of awareness and education about women’s rights, socio-economic vulnerabilities, weak implementation of laws, and deep-rooted cultural norms and traditions all contribute to the prevalence of violence against women and girls.

Women facing violence in India stats

  • The National Crime Records Bureau reported that in 2011, there were 228,650 reported incidents of crimes against women in India. In 2021, this number will have increased by 87%, with 428,278 reported incidents. It is worth noting that West Bengal, where 7.5% of women in India reside. Accounts for 12.7% of the total reported crimes against women.
  • According to the report published by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). A total of 4.45 lakh cases of crimes against women were registered in 2022. This means that almost 51 FIRs (first information reports) were filed every hour. The rate of crimes against women per lakh population stood at 66.4, while the filing of charge sheets in such cases was pegged at 75.8.
  • In 2020, around 47,000 women and girls from various parts of the world were murdered by their partners or family members. This means that on average, every 11 minutes.

Steps to fix this issue

Our organization believes that police monitoring should be more vigilant and stringent in its efforts to ensure the safety of women and girls. The government should provide safe transportation options for all women and girls and impose strict laws to prevent such incidents from happening.

Additionally, the government should consider passing laws providing for harsh punishments such as life imprisonment or the death penalty for those who commit such crimes. These steps can have a positive impact on the lives of many women and girls and help protect them from violence.

What can our Mother Concern, the Best NGO in India, do to solve these issues?

  • The Mother Concern, Best NGO in India, uplifts lives by spreading awareness.
  • Our organization distributes gender equality to empower women and girls, as it gives them the confidence to speak up.
  • We provide basic needs such as food. We distribute food in slums and on the streets to nourish them. Along with this, we strive to improve their health by providing health assessments, free check-ups, and medicines. Our goal is to ensure that, in our society, it is important that women stay healthy and well-nourished.
  • As an NGO, we offer quality education and vocational training to women and adult girls. This helps them build their own careers and start new lives with a better future.


The Mother Concern, the Best NGO in India, strives to provide a helping hand to women in need. We uplift women with vocational training in order to make them capable enough to fight against violence and take good care of their basic needs to make their live better than before.

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