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Mother Concern Best NGO in India: Helping Women with Education for Better Decision-Making

Best NGO in India

Helping women with education is crucial because it empowers them to make decisions in their favor. An educated woman can confidently make choices in life, and everyone around her has to accept them because she has more knowledge and understands her own values and beliefs better. Today, we will explore how education can help women live a more fulfilling life, free from social pressures. We will also discuss the efforts of the Best NGO in India dedicated to uplifting women.

Mother Concern Best NGO in India promoting women’s decision-making through education.

Our Best NGO in India is well aware of the social issues that women and girls face during puberty and as they become young adults. Society has always been an obstacle for women and girls, hindering them in every sector, including independence, empowerment, employment, achieving dreams, and more. However, today we will talk about the most serious concern about women’s decision-making power in India.

The value of women decisions doesn’t matter much, as their parents and the families they marry into often force them to do things they don’t want to do. This mentality needs to change if we wish to overcome the decreasing status of women.

Why is having decision-making power important for women?

girls and women in Indian society are forced to get married. They are also compelled to have children immediately after getting married, regardless of their readiness or physical ability.

These societal norms restrict women from making decisions about their own lives. Therefore, it is crucial for women to have access to education and independence, which enable them to make informed decisions.

With education, women are aware of their rights and can reject any form of violence or oppression from their in-laws’ families. Furthermore, women should be free to choose their careers. Eliminating such issues is necessary to create a more equitable society.

What are the challenges that women who have no decision-making power may face in society?

Women who lack decision-making power often encounter several obstacles in society. These include limited opportunities for personal and professional growth, such as early marriage and early childbirth, restricted access to resources and education, and increased vulnerability to abuse and exploitation.

Moreover, they have reduced influence in shaping community norms and policies due to a lack of rights. Unequal treatment, and violence. These challenges can result in social, economic, and physiological disadvantages, ultimately hindering their overall well-being and progress toward gender equality.

Cases of forced early marriage in India

  • According to estimates, more than 54 lakh women and girls were victims of forced marriages in India in 2021. The total number of women and child victims of forced marriages in the country in 2021 was 54,46,221.
  • The latest data shows that 48% of girls with no education were married before the age of 18. Compared to only 4% of those who completed higher education. Additionally, girls from the poorest quintile were more likely to get married before the age of 18. With 29% of them getting married before turning 18. In contrast, only 8% of girls from the wealthiest quintile got married before the age of 18.

How can education empower women to make better decisions and uplift themselves?

Education plays a crucial role in empowering women by equipping them with knowledge, skills, and awareness. Which helps them make informed decisions for themselves. Through education, women gain self-confidence, understand their rights, and learn to question societal norms and gender stereotypes.

This leads to increased participation in decision-making processes, financial independence, and access to better opportunities. As a result, educated women and girls are more likely to uplift themselves and contribute to the overall progress and well-being of their communities.

Mother Concern Best NGO in India supporting underprivileged women with passion.

as an NGO we strive to give women a new identity. We believe that women should not be limited to the kitchen and must be free to pursue their own passions and goals as we live in a democratic world. To this end, our organization is tirelessly working to make this a reality.

Our initiatives
  • Our NGO provides high-quality education to women living in slums and less fortunate girls. This education helps them realize their potential and understand the practical world.
  • As mothers, our main focus is on empowering women through vocational training, which includes tailoring, crafting, and more. With these skills, these women can lead a path of independence and self-reliance and earn a living.
  • Our organization not only promotes women’s rights but also provides free counseling to help heal women and single mothers from within.
  • Our goal is to provide a healthy lifestyle to all women who lack access to resources and opportunities. We do this by distributing food and providing healthcare facilities to slum women and mothers.


Mother Concern. The Best NGO in India uplifting women through education and vocational training. We also provide basic necessities for distribution. We aim to make our mothers and women in society self-sufficient. Our goal is to create a world where women don’t have to suffer anymore and can lead a life full of health and wealth.

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