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Mother Concern – Famous NGO’s in India

Famous NGOs in India

Mother Concern is a famous NGOs in India that is dedicated to combating child prostitution, second-generation prostitution, and sex trafficking in northern India, as well as achieving worldwide freedom. The NGO provides legal assistance, counseling, and financial assistance to women. Mother Concern works not only to rescue victims but also to combat the structured sex trafficking racket.

Whenever we work for the cause of women, we always work with alertness and generosity. We are aware of the socio-cultural backwardness that limits the growth and development of women.

Famous NGOs in India with a vision of shaping women who are able to achieve livelihoods with pride, generate value, and generate income to create a country that is sustainable and more equal for all citizens. Our organization has been able to help many women learn new skills and gain practical knowledge. This practical knowledge has been a great source of generating employment.

Mother Concern empowers communities and strengthens the leadership skills of grassroots women leaders in order to increase understanding violence against women, its causes, and its consequences. Weprovide free counseling session in Delhi and the NCR to address the problem and raise awareness about the Domestic Violence Act and other legal options.

The counselor assist in establishing a communications system with proper government authorities and agencies that implement strategy measures to address women’s abuse and discrimination. They also involve women in livelihood projects that are tailored to their talents and strengths.

Famous Ngos in India for Women’s Welfare

We work for a mission to eradicate inequity, cruelty, and discrimination. It offers education to the children of sex workers as well as palliative care to people living with HIV/AIDS. Famous Ngos in India programmes are primarily aimed at women and children . They all our victims of poorness and the sex workers. They provide a safe haven, free counseling, legal assistance, vocational courses, and alternate solution work to trafficked and forced sex workers.

Having lost their husbands is a terrifying experience for Indian women. Despite having come a long way since the days when social evils ruled society, Indian widows are still indulge to inhumane practices. These methods not only make them social outcasts, but they also have an impact on their daily lives.

Losing a mate is a terrifying incident for anyone. What anyone needs at this stage of their life the answer is financial. Rather giving financial backing from those who surround them their families and society to help them cope with situation. Rather than, Indian widows are constantly reminded of their loss, either indirectly or directly for the rest of their lives.They are advisable that they will never be able to lead an “ordinary” life.

Why are women still subjected to atrocities and shamed if they oppose such oppressive practices? Why can’t we build a society that concentrates on rebuilding a grief-stricken woman’s life. Instead of holding her for the rest of her life in a deep gorge of trauma and suffering?

In India, there are nearly 40 million widows, and the number has risen dramatically as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 tragedy. It is past time for us to reconsider our position on these practices and free these women from the unneeded limits we have placed on them.

Mother Concern Uniting Women Top Achieve Dreams

Since choosing to focus on the uniformity of women’s roles and women’s oppression may be critical in establishing extensive network partnerships. among both women from different communities, you can also help by donating to mother concern famous NGOs in India for mothers.

These have been as important as bread in assuring with us women that they are not the only one that someone is aware of the difficulties they face and is standing by them. We’ve helped them stream their fundamentals into cohesive policy views and given them the tools they need to act.

We help women to regain their confidence and pursue their dreams. As much research shows, women leave their dream due to lack of confidence. When we see the data from the global dream index, it shows half of the women drop their desire and dream. As a result, they remain unsatisfied throughout life.

Mother Concern understands that women experiencing poverty and ignore have a clear awareness of the type of assistance they require. They typically lack the funds to meet those needs. Aside from that, we can direct relief efforts in ways that address the priority areas and points of view of communities. It is also possible by quickly and efficiently mobilizing resources.

In today’s world, women face new challenges. It consists of an intensifying financial and food crisis, climate change, and natural disasters. Furthermore, it would include the continued rise of religious fanaticism and armed conflicts, both of which are harmful .

More notably, women must assert their identities and develop alternative modes of communication. They are put through the diversification and strength underlying in women.


Mother Concern, famous ngos in India for mothers, has always approached its work from the standpoint of women. It depicts the world through the eyes of those who are responsible for the vast majority of the population’s accommodation, free healthcare, childcare, nourishment, training, and feelings of well-being, or who become victims of prejudice and abuse.

Mother Concern’s recognize that women’s social participation as practitioners provide them with an influential stake in social justice issues. They also believe that women can channel their personal experiences with discrimination and violence it into initiatives against unfairness.

All they require is the help of others. We know that traditional social roles for women and discrimination against women are international problems. Their experiences are influenced by factors such as race, ethnicity, category, gender identity, as well as other elements of individuality.

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