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Foundation for Mothers on National Women’s Day

Foundation for Mothers on National Women’s Day

God’s magnificent creation! The presence of an angel on Earth enriches our lives in and of themselves. It is impossible to imagine life without women. It is celebrated on the eve of the birth of Sarojini Naidu, a courageous freedom fighter, poet, and revolutionary. A foundation for mothers salutes all women who are contributing to society.

National Women’s Day is done to celebrate the achievements of women in the fields of politics, science, and many more. The great leaders in this world are the creation of womb women. Apart from celebrating the achievement on this day, we also express our gratitude, respect, and appreciation toward her.

Women from diverse ethnic and cultural groups come together to remember their decades-long struggle for unity, fairness, inclusion, and advancement. The day gives women the same opportunity as men to speak out for the help of fair treatment in any profession.

Aside from that, in order to make significant advancements, women must find the strength to conquer all hurdles in all aspects of their lives. Our society has a widespread misapprehension that feminist rights are insignificant.

Mother Concern is a foundation for mothers who are all in the forefront of helping women in need and providing them with all basic facilities as well as the right direction to achieving their dreams.

Our Ngo provides numerous opportunities in association with others. We work with the vision and mission of a world in which women can enjoy all their rights to the fullest.  We believe that the elimination of women’s poverty is the most important aspect in order to achieve all goals.

History of National Women’s Day

Foundation for mothers works on a holistic approach with the support of the government, community, and local partners as well. They are more vigilant about their professional lives. They are working hard to achieve their dream.

Every year on February 13th, India celebrates National Women’s Day. Sarojini Naidu, a celebrated groundbreaking, political figure, and poet, was raised in India on this date in 1879. In the United States, National Women’s Day is annually to respect and pay homage to her accomplishments as a strong advocate of women’s rights.

Now let us further discuss  facts about Sarojini Naidu

  • From her childhood,  she was extremely intelligent and at the age of 13 years she wrote the book “Lady of the Lake”
  • She became popular after publishing threshold of three books I.e. Golden Threshold, Bird of the Time and Broken Wings made her popular.
  • She became the First Indian woman and overall second women President of National Congress Day
  • She proudly represented India in South Africa in 1932.
  • She also got arrested while participating in the Freedom Struggle.

Foundation for Mothers Women’s Situation in India

The situation of women was never in good condition in India. However, in earlier times, there were no such mediums as social media and many more. Therefore, registration of reports during that time was not possible. Aside from this, women during that time were not aware of their rights. Now, luckily, there are many platforms that provide women with the opportunity to talk about their rights and raise their voices for them as well as for other women.

Furthermore, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are now assisting them; for example, Mother Concern, a foundation for mothers, is assisting women in achieving their well-being goals. Mother Concern is a foundation for mothers that collaborates with community-based women’s approaches to addressing issues of reproductive rights and health, economic growth, youth development, as well as other human rights.

We appear to be activists who work to improve women’s issues, women’s ability to use social change and reproductive suffrage, and the role of feminist and socioeconomic movement activists in making a difference.

In India, many people pretend that they respect women, but when the time comes to raise their voices for women’s rights. Somehow, most people see the word “feminism” or “women’s empowerment” in the wrong way.

Now the best part is that every woman in India is aware of her rights and actively taking part in the democratic system as well. This improvement for women will not only benefit her but also help in the development of the country. Active participation in any field will lead to advancement as a whole for society as well as individual


It is just the beginning as women are getting opportunities in the professional field. We all should work towards achieving our goal to empower everyone and not limit them to household work. It is just the beginning as women are getting opportunities in the professional field. We all should work towards achieving our goal to empower everyone and not limit them to household work.

For centuries, men are having the upper hand over women in every aspect. However, we are living in the 21st century and still not have achieved a secure and women- empowering status that is shameful. However, it is better to be late than never. We are slowly moving towards a better future for women.

Education is solely responsible for this upheaval. This alters people’s limited mindsets. It has managed to open people’s previous eyes closed. It has demonstrated to them what is going on around them.

Presently, society cannot function entirely on the basis of men. Women’s contributions require for a civilized country. Women also weren’t given their fair share in the olden days. Women had to suffer numerous brutalities in order to keep relationships and provide for their families. Girls also weren’t given the same privileges as boys even at residence.

There will undoubtedly be a big question in the nation’s development if women are fully aware. Women today are competent in making their own choices. Women respect and protected in India’s ancient culture. Men and women have equal rights under the Indian Constitution.

The economic status is somehow improving in comparison to the previous scenario. In comparison to other developing countries, the situation of Indian women is quite favorable.

As a result, no one has the authority to distinguish among them. Both have the same entitlement to be socially and economically self-sufficient.

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