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Mother Concern Women’s Day celebration: a beautiful path to heaven

Women's Day

International Women’s Day is a special occasion to celebrate the triumphs and challenges faced by women, as well as their achievements in promoting gender equality. This day holds a significant place in our history, and we, as a community, are honored to celebrate it. We extend our warmest wishes to all the women around the world and wish them a happy International Women’s Day.

International Women’s Day: A Path to Freedom

During the height of the Cold War era, women were experiencing significant difficulties. They faced violence, gender inequality, and a lack of basic human rights, among other challenges. To address these issues, a group of American socialists declared March 8th International Women’s Day and a national holiday across the world to help end the suffering of women.

Gender inequality

Gender inequality has always been a significant issue for women. International Women’s Day spreads awareness about it too, as they live in a world where men hold most of the power. Due to these issues, women were restricted from doing things, such as pursuing an education, going out, earning money, and more. However, with the progress made by great minds and spirits, women no longer face as many restrictions as they did before.

Violence against women

International Women’s Day believes that violence is never acceptable in any circumstance. Unfortunately, for a long time, women were victims of this type of behavior, which has had a profound impact on their mental and emotional well-being. However, in the 21st century, many women are aware of their rights and will not tolerate any form of violence.

Basic rights

Human rights are important, as they provide access to society’s benefits and offer respect and meaning to one’s life. Unfortunately, in the past, women were unaware of their basic rights, such as right to education, right to free speech, and right to choose their path in life. This lack of rights made it incredibly challenging for them.

Mother Concern is a ray of hope for today’s unfortunate women and mothers.

International Women’s Day is a wonderful initiative created by a brilliant mind to support women in need. Similarly, our NGO has a Mother Concern for women and mothers who are helpless and abandoned. We are committed to uplifting them by providing fundamental necessities such as food, education, health facilities, and more.

Healthy nutrition for women’s

Maintaining good health is essential, and the food we consume plays a crucial role in this regard. Our physical appearance reflects the quality of the food we intake. We believe in empowering our mothers and women of society by providing them with meals that are not only healthy but also nourish their bodies and souls. Our primary objective is to make sure that they are free from hunger.

Education of the practicality of real-world

Education plays a vital role in our lives. The practical world demands skills to earn money and to survive. We provide practical skill training to women and mothers, along with education on good decision-making. With the power of education, she is capable of earning a livelihood and becoming an independent individual in society.

Health amenities

There are many problems that our mothers and women don’t share and resist on their own, even in that situation. A mother or woman is someone who takes good care of others, neglecting herself and her problems. We understand that, as an NGO, we try our best to create a comfortable environment where they can feel free to share their ins and outs, support them with our medical facilities, and take good care of them.

Mental support is important as well.

Society has always been a challenging place for women who need help. When a woman becomes a mother, the situation becomes even more complicated. Society’s taunts and degrading comments only worsen her situation, making it difficult for her to maintain her self-confidence. We believe that mental support is essential, and we strive to provide mothers and women with an environment where they can regain their confidence and know that we are behind them to support them.


A woman is someone who, if treated right, can make your world paradise, and if treated wrong, she can make it hell. So it is our job to make them happy and do something in which they feel comfortable. Mother Concern is helping such helpless mothers and women, because we believe that if not us, then who will? With such dedication, we aim to make the world healthy and safe for our mothers and women.

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