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The Women Help NGO is an evolutionary step toward the betterment of women

Women Help NGO

Women Help NGO, India is often referred to as the world’s most democratic country. However, upon closer examination, it becomes clear that the situation of women in the country is abysmal even in the 21st century. Women lack basic human rights and opportunities, raising concerns about whether democracy is only meant for men. In this article, we will delve further into this issue.

Women help NGO spot the issues faced by women.

The Women Help NGO is identifying some of the main issues that are faced by women even in this modern era. Some of them are: inequality is a major concern in Indian society, as men are granted more freedom to do as they please. For instance, they can stay out late at night, attend parties, go out without permission, and have overnight stays. Unfortunately, women do not have the same privileges and are often not even able to leave their homes to attend to their own affairs, let alone stay out overnight.

Violence against women

Women are being tortured physically by their own families and husbands; unfortunately, in India, there are still many women who are suffering from violence and can’t do anything about it. Because they are not independent, don’t know their rights, and are dependent on their men.

Lack of education

In India, there are so many rural areas that are way behind compared to modern cities in terms of advancement and thinking. As we know, in rural areas, people are simple, don’t care about much, and live a simple life. Women are unaware of their human rights, like the right to education, the right to speak, and more, because of a lack of education. Education plays an essential role in human life, transforming both the body and the soul. With knowledge in your hands, you can be whatever you want to be. But less fortunate women are not getting these facilities because of the mentality that is present in society’s minds: that a woman should only belong to the kitchen and keep the house clean.

Basic fundamental rights

Basic fundamental rights are very important for human beings. With these rights, a human has the power to choose the life he wants. Underprivileged women are not very fortunate in knowing their own rights. If I name some rights, those will be the right to live, the right to live a violence-free life, discrimination, the right to health, the right to education, the right to vote, the right to participate in a country’s activities, the right to earn as much as males and more.

What can we do to uplift these unfortunates?

Mother Concern Women Help NGO is giving their support to women who are underprivileged or don’t have any support behind them. We are aiming to uplift them through our various initiatives, such as.

Education to transform

The Mother Concern believes that education is key to success and plays an important role in any being’s life. With education, women can be self-sufficient and run their lives on their own terms. For that, the organization provides basic skill development training and quality education to make needy women self-sufficient.

Health facilities are provided by us.

With quality education, health is also something that we can’t neglect when it’s about fighting our problems alone. We, as Women help NGO tackle this issue as well. We want our mothers and women to be strong and healthy. For that, the organization provides help through various steps, such as offering free medicine along with regular medical check-ups.

Not only outer healing is enough, but soul relaxation is also important. We try our best to build an atmosphere healthy enough that a woman can heal herself. Along with practical support. We support them mentally and boost their confidence by placing our hands on their shoulders to support them.

Nourishing the body

Women Help NGO believes that healthy meals are also very essential to staying fit and with this dedication. We distribute free meals to give nutrition to our community’s mothers and run free food camps to reach more.


The Mother Concern Women Help NGO targets all the issues stopping women from shining. With our efforts, we hope to change the mentality of this society and make our mothers independent and confident.

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