Mother India NGOs | Role of Education for Women Empowerment & Safety

Mother India NGOs

Mother India NGOs encourage women’s safety in Delhi/ NCR Region. We encourage women to educate themselves. Women can play a crucial role in the development of the country. Education is a milestone for women because it enables them to respond to challenges. We can’t neglect the importance of education about women’s empowerment in India. Women’s education in India has been a foundation stone for women’s empowerment. As we all are aware, Empowerment can lead to social transformation.

Education plays a vital role in helping women’s survival. “If you educate a man you educate an individual, however, if you educate a woman you educate a whole family”. Women’s education in India plays a crucial role in the development of the country. On daily basis, we motivate people for going to school. This helps in improving the quality of life at home and outside. Till now in many places in India women faces inequality from men. Women and girls face barriers and disadvantages in every sector in which they work. Around the world, 62 million girls do not go to school. Globally, 1 in 3 women will experience gender-based violence in her lifetime.

Education is an important central thing for the valuable progress of an individual. We cannot ignore the centrality of school training. Education is important in grouping and understanding biological entities. It’s one of the necessities, without which one can sound purposeless and unmerited. Schooling gives a base to your character; it changes you, characterizes you, and lifts you. India is a non-industrialized nation like another country on the planet. With the 2nd largest population, it is under threat of more difficult catches of need and stress. Mother India NGOs are fighting for ladies’ better survival.

Reasons why education will empower women?

  1. Education Decreases Women’s Poverty

In the account of Global citizens, only 1 year of secondary school education can increase. A woman’s lifetime earnings by up to 20% which is good. Increasing access to women’s education will increase the percentage of economical growth. Volunteers visit several villages and aware parents of the need for education.

  1. Education Gives Women More Employment Opportunities

Nowadays more women are stepping out of their houses to earn for their families. They are becoming more financially independent than earlier. They now choose their career on their own and make decisions about their life. Volunteers of our NGO help women either by providing education or with skills. Skills like beautician, Tailoring, Painting, and crafting help them in earning money.

  1. Education Leads to less early Marriage

So defining this is very simple women get an education she becomes independent. In India, there are still many places where girls have to marry at a very young age. We camp at several locations in Delhi. We are aware that parents to educate their girl children and not force them to marry. Early marriages sometimes affect the lives of women. We as an NGO make sure that we educate society about this.

  1. Education Improves Women’s Health

Mother India NGOs also educate women to improve their health. Along with food distribution, we distribute women’s hygienic kits. That contains sanitary pads, vitamin capsules, etc. With the help of education women and girls make smarter decisions about their health. After the age of 30 women’s bone strength decreases which creates problems in doing daily work. Volunteers train them to do yoga for maintaining their health.

Wrapping Up: –

Mother Concern NGO is helping the poor and old ladies of our society. Women are the backbone of any family. For improving the lives of women our NGO provides them with various kinds of skills. Examples of some of them are Crafting, Tailoring, Painting, and Beautician. We are thankful to our donors and our volunteers who are helping us. Mother India NGO has aimed to improve the lives of women.

These reasons are important and that is why we need to educate girls in our country. Mother Concern supported many girls and women living in Delhi/NCR and Uttar Pradesh. We are thankful to our donors for their continuous support. We urge more people to collaborate with us in continuing this noble work. You can visit our website for further information Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Twitter.