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Mother NGO in Delhi| Best Health Care Facility

Mother NGOs in Delhi

We must raise awareness among this weak but poor section of society. Millions of women and teenage girls around the world suffer from poor health and social status, making access to cheap healthcare services difficult in India in the twenty-first century. Mother Ngos in Delhi provides you best facility.

In general, women are more prone to poor nutrition throughout their lives, which affects their own growth and development and increases the likelihood that they will give birth to children who are underweight.

Health and time are the most important assets which are ignored unless it gets worse, especially in the case of women. Mother Concern are for the care of mothers.

In this blog, we are going to discuss health and apart from this, we would ask you questions about your opinion on the topic.

Women who are also equal givers of economic sustainability are in serious denial of health concerns.

Are you not aware of this ignorance? I am sure you are but we all are human and have a tendency to neglect serious issues…

We all clap for the sacrifices they made but we always forget about serving their needs. They are the caregivers but who is caregiving to them?

The answer is no one, not even their better half, or spouse treatment is only given when things get worse.

There are numerous factors influencing women’s health issues like early marriage, domestic violence, sexual abuse, etc.

But now it’s at an alarming stage where we need to create awareness among this vulnerable, yet a seriously committed section of society.

However, Poor health and social status affect millions of women and adolescent girls around the world, making the availability and cost-effectiveness of healthcare services a challenge in modern India.

Health Care Stats

Women have a very high tolerance for patience and silence as a result of societal conditioning. Women’s health is not a priority in our country, where 75% of India’s healthcare infrastructure is focused in urban areas and healthcare accounts for only 1.3 percent of GDP, far less than the global average of 6%.

Mother NGOs in India Initiative for Women

We invariably think of health as primarily a function of biology, yet the most powerful factors of health are the social, political, and economic forces in our lives.

Health is not only the cause of disease or weakness, but also a state of physical, mental, and social well-being.

Our access to healthy food, clean water, and medical care; the levels of violence and stress in our lives; how much and under what conditions we work; and the opportunities we have for love, pleasure, and fulfillment all have a large impact on how healthy we are.

Our mother NGOs in Delhi is trying its level best to provide a clean environment to the women. We set up camps to spread awareness about women’s hygiene.

 Where does India Stand?

India’s rank in the Human Development Index Report 2022 (132 out of 192 countries) issued by the UNDP share state about the level of ignorance in the Indian health sector.

Moreover, One of the world’s economies that are increasing the quickest is India. The promotion of food supply, correct nutrition, safe water, basic cleanliness, and the provision of high-quality health information regarding current health problems are all highly important points of primary health care that some time overlooked.

While on the other side difficulties in the primary healthcare situation include a lack of doctors, important pharmaceutical supplies, and access to healthcare services.

Some Initiative By the Government of India

Janani Shishu Suraksha Yojana

The scheme was introduced in 2011 to benefit pregnant women delivering. Many benefits are under this scheme;

  • Cashless free delivery
  • Free medicines and blood facilities
  • C-section facility
  • Free drop and pickup facilities after 48 hrs stay.

Kasturba Poshan Sahay Yojana

  • BPL mothers gave adequate nutrition and Rs. 6000 Cash support.
  • All women and their children under 18 years of age.


The scheme was launched in 2014. It covers women, men, and teenagers in urban, and rural areas. Apart from this several benefits are given :

  • Improve Nutrition
  • Enhance Mental Health.
  • Protect from injuries and violence
  • Improve sexual and reproductive health.
  • Prevents substance misuse.

Pradhan Mantri Matritva VandanaYojana

The scheme started with the aim of helping pregnant women who are not under 19 years of age.

  • Covers loss of wages of pregnant women.
  • Guidelines for safe childbirth, child care as well as nutrition.


The Union Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports launched this program. The government at awarding people and especially women about the menstrual cycle and provide them with sanitary napkins/pads in urban and rural schools.

Some individuals think that women can’t provide long-term solutions to the situation. However, our work guarantees that their families receive monthly support. They provided counseling at Mother NGOs in Delhi to inspire members of our society to bond together and support struggling families.

Wrapping Up

A healthy body and a healthy mind will always give you an edge in every sector whether it is a professional or personal area of life. Women need to take monthly full body checkups. If you are not healthy at a later age you get a chance of any serious disease

Our organization is one of the best mother NGOs in Delhi that will provide you with every solution about health.

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