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Mothers NGO for Health Checkup in Delhi| Mother Concern NGO for Poor

Mothers NGO for Health Checkup in Delhi

Mother Concern is a mother’s NGO for health checkups in Delhi. We work for women and unfortunate families and provide them assistance. Our trust addresses the issue of prosperity, regenerative opportunities, and other general liabilities. Our volunteers provide fundamental support for problems affecting women all around. Mother Concern NGO for Mothers is set up in 2012. We make women and young girls aware of their well-being and regenerative privileges.

Mother Concern NGO raises voices for mothers for health check-ups in Delhi. We build the potential of women for social change, utilize the opportunities of women, and give them a correct channel. We make them aware of it, to fight for them and it helps us in making society a better place. Building a better place for poor people is the prominent goal of our NGO. Our NGO for Mothers provides resources and is ready to meet these goals. Mother Concern NGO helps women in their regular health checkups. Regular health checkups help women in understanding their bodies in a better way.

A mother’s NGO for health checkups in Delhi believes that together we can make a difference. Some people believe that women cannot cultivate long-term responses to the crisis. But our NGO is trying to ensure that regular solidity should be given to their families. This will help them in giving a better life. Mother Concern provides fundamental help to address the basic issues of poor families. We motivate people of our society to come together and help poor families in better survival.

Why Health checkups and screening are important for poor people?

Good health is not something we can buy. Our NGO maintains this and that’s why we provide free food in slums. Poor families do not have enough funds so they can get treatment. Everybody needs to have regular yearly health check-ups. This helps an individual in understanding the body very well. Suppose in case you visit a doctor and after tests, they find out that you are suffering from some disease. They can provide the right treatment at right time. You must have heard cases where a person is healthy and suddenly his health Detroit very fast. And unfortunately, after diagnosis doctors find diseases that can be cured. But due to carelessness, the disease cannot be cured. To prevent such conditions our NGO provides doctor screening in slums for free.

Most common health problems occur because of lifestyle and food habits:- 

  • High or low blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Osteoporosis
  • Arthritis
  • Back pain and neck pain
  • Heart diseases
  • Dyslipidaemia
  • Vision loss, cataract
  • Hearing loss
  • Pulmonary disease
  • Depression
  • Loss of memory

We are happy that our initiatives are helping women across our Nation. Our NGO for Mothers promotes women’s advocacy and social reform activism. We help alone and single mothers to rebuild their life. Initiatives like food distribution help these women and their families.

We live in an environment where life expectancy is decreasing and diseases are increasing. That’s why experts ask us to undergo a general health check-up, to help us keep an eye on our health. Also, this article deals with knowing the benefits of standard health check-ups.

Who needs to take the Regular Health Checkups?

It has been observed that people of working age (30-60 years) need regular health checkups. This is because they stay busy in earning money and sometimes ignore their health. Unwanted lifestyle, genetic health, and lack of rest can lead to many medical problems. This can range from minor to serious concerns to an individual. Getting a whole body checkup can save you from several diseases before happening. You can protect yourself from diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, and coronary disease.

Significance of normal wellbeing check-ups

  • Prevent health issues-

If you do a standard test for sugar and cholesterol what you will get to know. You will know how liable you are to getting diabetes/cholesterol later. Because this happens that with some minor carelessness you cross your daily limit consumption. Experts encourage you to control your sugar consumption. After this, you can take control of your health.

  • Lower medical services cost – 

A standard health exam can set your money aside in the long term. Additionally, preventive health checkups can reduce the risk of ongoing illnesses.

  • Removes excess growth of infection– 

Cancer is a disease that if you detect it later, can be very difficult to diagnose. Performing a body test can help experts diagnose a disease before it is non-curable.

  • Reduces Confusion During Treatment–

​​When you are determined to have a medical problem at an early stage it involves risk. The complexity involved and the likelihood are low when compared to a late diagnosis. A general check-up can help your body get rid of any health concerns.

  • Extending the Length of Life – 

By doing a general check-up of your body and health, you can be sure of how healthy you are. Taking advice from an expert and following measures can also increase your life.

Normal screening with clear tests may have incidental fluctuations depending on various factors. For example, age, orientation, family ancestry, and general well-being. Many of us, including those of our past ages, wonder whether to have a standard diagnostic test. Besides, through a preventive health test, you understand that you are healthy. With Mother’s NGO for health checkups in Delhi, we ensure quality health checkups for the poor.

The benefits of regular check-ups include:

  • Reduce the chance of you getting sick
  • Detect life-threatening health conditions or diseases early for better treatment
  • Increase the chances of treatment and cure
  • Limit the risk of complications by monitoring the existing conditions
  • Increase lifespan and improve health with expert advice
  • Reduce healthcare costs over time by avoiding costly medical services and facilities
  • A proper diagnosis from a good doctor so treatment can be more efficient and effective
  • Get updated on new medical information or technologies that are available for recovery


People of all ages must take at least yearly health checkups on full body. As all the benefits are mentioned above we hope you take good care of your health. Because health is the greatest asset we have and we cannot purchase it. We hope you like the article. And for reading more articles and blogs click on the link https://motherconcern.org/. You can follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.