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Moher Concern NGO for Single Mothers: Why Single Mothers Feel So Helpless

NGO for Single Mothers

Single mothers often face the most significant challenges when compared to other groups, including the underprivileged and less fortunate. This is because families in these groups typically have multiple people working together to meet their basic needs. However, single mothers do not have anyone to rely on in this way. It is essential to recognize this struggle and take action to support single mothers. Today, we will discuss what our NGO for Single mothers does to help uplift them.

Mother Concern NGO for Single Mothers: A Sight of Help

Mother Concern NGO for Single Mothers understands the pain of loneliness and the difficulties of living alone without anyone to rely on, especially when there are children to take care of. We recognize how hard it is for single mothers in India to raise a child without a father. Our organization works towards the welfare of society’s single mothers and aims to uplift them to be independent and self-reliant through various initiatives.

What does the Indian data say about single mothers in India?    

A 2019–2020 report by UN Women highlighted that in India, the number of single mothers is rising. Approximately 4.5%, or 13 million Indian households, are run by single mothers.

Why is the number of single mothers increasing in India?

There are several factors that contribute to the increasing number of single mothers in India. Socio-economic factors such as poverty, unemployment, and a lack of education force women to become the sole breadwinners. Cultural norms and gender roles also play a role, as women may face challenges in divorce or separation cases.

Additionally, societal changes, such as delayed marriages and increased awareness of women’s rights, have led to more cases of single motherhood. It is essential to address these underlying issues in order to support single mothers and their children.

What challenges do single mothers have to face in Indian society?

Single mothers in India face numerous challenges due to societal norms, cultural expectations, and legal complexities. Some of these challenges include

  • Single mothers often face social stigma and judgment from their families, communities, and society at large. They may be seen as bringing shame upon themselves or their families, leading to isolation and emotional stress.
  • As the sole breadwinners, single mothers often struggle to support their children financially, especially in the absence of adequate social security or child support from the father. This can lead to poverty and difficulty in providing for their children’s basic needs.
  • Indian laws and procedures can be challenging for single mothers, particularly when it comes to custody and divorce. Navigating the legal system without adequate support or resources can be overwhelming or disadvantageous.
  • Single mothers may face barriers to accessing education and employment opportunities due to social prejudice, a lack of childcare facilities, and financial constraints. This can limit their ability to improve their living conditions and provide better opportunities for their children.
  • Single mothers may struggle with the emotional and practical challenges of raising children alone, without the support of a partner or extended family. This can lead to feelings of isolation, burnout, and difficulty balancing work and family responsibilities.

Mother Concern NGO for Single Mothers: Making Things Possible for Underprivileged Mothers   

Our NGO for Single Mothers is dedicated to addressing common societal issues, such as the struggles faced by single mothers. Our aim is to provide them with the resources and opportunities they need to thrive and become the best version of themselves. Additionally, we offer mental support to these women, as it can greatly boost their self-esteem and confidence.

Our initiatives

  • Our NGO for single mothers is a beacon of hope for women who lack basic necessities. We offer quality meals to nourish the bodies of underprivileged mothers through our food camps, making sure that hunger can no longer be a problem for these warriors.
  • Education and empowerment are the two most important things that can help a woman grow taller and higher in life. Many women in India live lives like shadows because they lack empowerment and education. That’s why our organization strives to offer quality education and empowerment to women in the form of vocational training, free of charge. These training programs include crafting and tailoring, which can be really helpful for single mothers to live a life and provide for themselves and their children.
  • Health facilities are crucial for building a better community. With this in mind, our NGO offers medical assessments to women and single mothers in slums to protect their immunity and health through our medical camps.


NGO for Single Mothers, bringing hope into everyone’s lives through their tireless efforts. Our organization not only uplifts women and single mothers but also gives them a new identity to stand tall in their lives and overcome every obstacle they face. We aim to create a society where single mothers have equal access to treatment, resources, and opportunities

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