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NGO for Women | Why Education is Important for Women

NGO for Women

What precisely is education? Education is the acquisition of current skills and cultural legacies through learning or study. It is a basic human right to which all men and women or genders have equitable rights. Mother Concern an NGO for Women in this post, we will discuss the significance of women’s education and look at some famous lines from international leaders about women’s education.

Education as a necessity all over the world, but millions of women stay illiterate because of poverty, stigma surrounding them, unequal treatment, a shortage of resources, and other factors.  Even if a crime happens to 

These crimes will continue until and unless both genders are equally represented. Women must be first educated. This is the initial step toward a bright future. Even in the twenty-first century, many families are hesitant to send their daughters to school or further their education. The Income gap is one of the main motivations for such suspicious thoughts. Many families find it difficult to send their kids to school. Whenever it regards  gender, they prefer son’s and therefore can afford girls’ education.

Mother Concern ngo for women sees education play an important role in the society for development and growth. Otherwise, it will lead the economy in trauma making worsening the situation.

NGO for Women: Importance of Women’s Education?

Providing women with access to education is like trying to educate the whole of society because they are more likely to pass on their knowledge to their families. Furthermore, they will learn the value of education and will surrender resources. Ensure that their children attend good schools and colleges to take advantage of the innumerable benefits of higher education.

The NGO for women organizes numerous educational programs and participates in numerous initiatives to encourage them to reach their goals. Irrespective of the fact that the constitution ensures free and compulsory education for all, India has the highest number of illiterate women in the world. Women’s literacy in cities is 64 percent, while rural literacy is just 31 percent.

Apart from this, the government has updated numerous laws and reforms to promote women’s education. They are given assistance that is distributed, and schooling is basically free for children living in rural areas, allowing women to build a foundation. The four walls of a home do not bind their fate. Society should believe that women and men are equal in our eyes. They can continue pursuing their aspirations and compete with men at all stages of their lives.

We must reinforce the advantages of women’s education. The change in the legislation is very much about inspiring women’s education. To eliminate gender discrimination, strict measures taken and the crime should be punished. We must also teach everyone that all women are equal and must be respected. Educated women will be able to make better choices and start making a contribution to the economic advancement of our country.

Reason to Educate Women in India

Across all  India’s long history, chauvinistic and religious practices have had a significant impact on women’s rights. Misogynist practices and concepts limit women’s educational opportunities. As a result, harmful gendered roles frequently proclaiming. Every year, 23 million girls abandon their education because their communities are unprepared to do in providing sufficient female healthcare facilities. The lack of education for women is trying to undermine India’s social and economic development.

Fundamental Right

First of all, education is a fundamental right for everyone, and when we talk about everybody, we need to remember women’s involvement in that group. We can’t have so many illiterate women in our society; it would be a huge loss to us. Every girl and woman, whether rich, poor, young, elderly, married, single, widowed or of any other social position, has the right to an education. Education is a human right, not a privilege.

Improve the Literacy Rate

Women account for approximately 63% of the world’s 163 million uneducated young people. Literacy levels will rise as a result of public education, enhancing the growth of developing countries. In India, urban literacy is 64%, while female literacy is 31%, or roughly half.

Get rid of human trafficking

Women are most vulnerable to human trafficking when they are illiterate and poor, in accordance with the United Nations Inter-Agency Project on Human Trafficking. Helping give women opportunities and important skills could have a massive effect on this big issue.

Equal Opportunities in Society

When girls attend schools and colleges alongside boys, the boys become much more knowledgeable about their education for women and are less likely to develop a sense of superiority. As a result, teaching equality and democracy to both men and women.

Political Representation

While women gained the right to vote on an equal standard with men with independence, the path to equal political participation has managed to remain markedly unbalanced. When one considers their participation in political representation, their political absence from democratic processes becomes clear. The 17th Lok Sabha, which represents a record level in terms of women parliamentarians in India, still has a very bad 14.6% female MPs, well below the global average of 25.5%.

Women Education Some Foremost Facts

India is even behind several subs Sahara countries which is a very shameful thing. When we talk about women’s representation in parliament, it remains fixed at 14.4%. Women’s participation as ministers declined from 23.1% to 9% between 2019 t0 2022.

It is unquestionable that the importance of female education is a major issue. Gender equality does not exist, boys and girls must think as a collective. Whenever it relates to national development and development, boys and girls are equally trained. How can we visualize a future of the world brimming with technology, creative thinking, elegance, and advancement in every sector whereas preserving one among our four effective populaces within our multiple borders?

The first and only thing that hinders anyone from attaining it is the fact that it is difficult to accomplish. In contrast, girls necessitate a significant amount of support from family in further to their desire. They need a group that recognizes them, and their family, like every other man’s, must grow.

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