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Women Ngos Who Raise Their Voice Against Violence

Women Ngos

Violence against women, in any form, is the most pitiful issue that our societies have faced for millennia. Women are the better part of society, with men sharing collective responsibility, roles, and strengths. Sadly, violence against women is on the rise due to a variety of uncertain and disgraceful causes. The following article discusses domestic violence against women, its root causes, and potential solutions for ending domestic abuse against women in our society. Mother Concern Women Ngos still stands for every woman who is in need of help and any type of guidance.

Various centuries have passed since the beginning of social life in the country, and while time has changed people’s minds and environments significantly, violence against women does not appear to have changed at all. Time is the true eyewitness to all the sufferings endured by helpless women (such as sex discrimination, exploitation, oppression, aggression, degradation, and humiliation). Women are helpless in Indian culture, however, many female goddesses are worshipped. Women are respected in the Vedas as mothers, meaning those who can create and heal life. They, on the other hand, have been repressed and forced into slavery by men in a patriarchal society.

Women Ngos are the one who helps them to live with respect and pride.  Mother Concern believes that the only way to empower women is through employment and education.

Women Ngos: Causes of Domestic Violence

Since ancient times, women in India have faced various forms of violence in a traditionally male-dominated society. As the world advances in technological advancement, material prosperity, and so on, the percentage of unnatural sex and violence against women rises.

Rapes and horrific murders have become all too common in recent years. Harassment, assault, chain-snatching, as well as other forms of violence, have become common in modern Indian society. In free India, violence against women has increased dramatically. Dowry deaths, murder, bride burning, and other forms of violence are fueling other forms of violence in society. A rise in violence against women is obstructing the country’s social, economic, political, and cultural progress.

Domestic violence frequently targets women and children. Domestic violence is a heinous crime that kills many people. Illiteracy and economic dependence on men are two of the most prevalent causes of domestic violence.

Regular alcohol consumption by the husband is a leading cause of family violence against women. Alcohol is not only to blame for domestic violence against women but also for crimes against women decided to commit outside of the home. Alcohol stimulates the cognitive skills of the abuser or victim, boosting the violence.

Women Ngos helps women to get  jobs, which is the demand of this era. We help them by providing training. We endure them to discuss violence and provide them s

afe space. women to report the instance and provide legal help to whosoever wants it.  Gender inequality and violence affect most of their life.

Domestic violence, on the other hand, is the result of a series of irresponsible behaviors displayed by a segment of society. It is also important to note that not only the abuser is responsible, but so are those who stand by and do nothing.

Types of Domestic Violence

There are numerous types of crimes classified as violence against women. The following are some of the most popular kinds of violence against women devoted in India:

Sexual Harassment

Sexual assault on a woman occurs when someone makes unwanted physical contact with a woman without her permission or pressures her to engage in a sexual act. Rape, drug-induced sexual assaults, child sexual abuse, and inappropriate touch are all examples of sexual violence.

Honor Killing

Honor killing, which basically means killing women for “GharkiIzzat”. It is very common to kill these days. When a girl marries against her family’s wishes, they commit this heinous crime. It’s not always because of caste or religion, but because she dared to marry the boy of her choice and the stigma of a love marriage. The mentality of people has not changed; they are not able to accept the preferences of their children.

Forced Sexual Trafficking

The cases of women and girls missing are tremendously increasing day by day. These girls are drawn to other states under the false illusion of finding work or earning money and then forced into prostitution.

Domestic Violence’s Harmful Effects on Women

Long-term and short-term physical and mental harm can result from domestic violence against women. Domestic violence against women affects children as well, leaving long-lasting imprints on a child’s vulnerable memory.

Short-Term Effects:

Violence’s short-term physical effects can range from minor injuries to serious conditions. They can include bruises, cuts, broken bones, and injuries to organs and other body parts. Several other facial scars are difficult or impossible to detect without the assistance of a doctor or nurse. Long-term verbal and emotional abuse may affect the moods of women and children in their daily activities, as well as their efficiency.

Long-Term Effects:

Violence against women, whether sexual or physical,  link to a variety of long-term health issues. Post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and anxiety are all long-term mental health consequences of violence against women. This can exacerbate the issue of drug addiction and drug addiction. Sexual violence can result in irreversible damage and a loss of confidence.

Womens NGOs on Solution for Domestic Violence

Increased Police Involvement

Police monitoring should increase in all areas, particularly in isolated areas at night. The presence of police significantly reduces the likelihood of a woman being sexually abused or verbally abused by others on the road. In crowded areas like markets, where women are riskier to crimes, eve teasing, and inappropriate touching.

Transport Security

Countless acts of sexual violence against women committee on trains or buses, especially at night. Abusers take the advantage of the remote location of the vehicle and the absence of police officers. During late-night hours, at least one female police officer should be on bus routes or rail coaches.


Domestic violence can take many forms, including physical aggression such as kicking and biting, as well as sexual or emotional abuse. Recognizing the symptoms of domestic violence and reporting the assault if it is starting to happen around you or to you is essential.

Violence against Indian women is a black mark on the nation and society. As long as Indian women are repeatedly victims of violence, India’s international image will suffer.

Domestic violence, sexual assaults, and other similar crimes against women will continue to harm Indian society and impede national progress. As a result, preventative measures to reduce any form of violence against Indian women.  Women NGOs are the ones who work as a hidden factor for them.

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