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Health for Mother NGO| Awareness of the importance of Proper Hygiene

Health for Mother NGO

Health for Mother NGO keeps women aware of various health topics. In the previous blog, you read about the benefits of maintaining health.

We try to keep updated so that you can understand the benefits of health. A healthy body and a calm mind are the only tools by which you can maintain your happiness. Happiness is not what you get from the outside. It is an emotion that you can find inside you. For being happy you do not need someone else except you.

This is your decision whether you want to stay healthy and happy. Or you want to suffer and be depressed.

Ok, so without wasting time let’s read out the whole article. We hope you will get good points that will help you in understanding the importance of hygiene.


An important aspect of your life is to lead a safe disease-free life. It is not only about washing hands it is about maintaining your personal space as well.

Health for Mother NGO coated ways suggested by doctors for maintaining women’s hygiene

Ensure proper cleaning 

We are aware people to ensure proper cleaning. Self-cleaning is very essential, especially for women’s living in slums. To ensure proper hygiene we distribute sanitary pads, mild soaps, and sanitizers.

On this matter, the health for mother NGO suggests women use it to maintain hygiene. There is a wide range of hygiene products available in the market. On consult, with doctors, a female can go for buying or using such hygiene products.

Wipe correctly

It is advised by doctors that after using the washroom and taking a shower wipe out intimate parts. The helps to protect from any kind of bacterial or urinary infections. As we all know that instead the bathroom is clean but it is a fact that there are germs. Doctors suggest that whenever we use the washroom it is crucial to wash our hands. This is essential because by doing this no germs pass from our hand to mouth.

Wear comfortable clothing

It is an old saying that cotton clothes are best for the skin. This is always recommended to avoid wearing tight clothes. Doctors recommend breathable clothes and innerwear that allow airflow. Clothes made of spandex or synthetic pants are not advisable for wearing for a long time. Spandex clothes are good while working out as it gives you flexibility. But as soon as you complete it change it because it cannot absorb sweat and can cause skin infections.

If you are a person who stays more physically active do not forget to clean and wipe yourself and your clothes properly.

Be careful while using public restrooms

Restrooms are the major cause of genital infections in women. But for once try to understand the condition of women who live in slums with no such service. No doubt the government had made public toilets, and people are also aware of this. There are still houses that do not have access to washrooms.

Using the restroom in an emergency is not a bad idea. But this is important to maintain your hygiene. Be aware of such infections while using public restrooms to avoid any problems.

Hygiene during menstruation

Every woman goes through this. Women need to be extra careful during this phase. Doctors recommend changing your sanitary pad or tampon for more than five to six hours. They also refrain from using scented products to clean the vaginal area on their own. Most important thing is to avoid engaging in douching. This will help to prevent pelvic inflammatory diseases.

Intimate hygiene during summers

It is fast and experienced by all that during summers we sweat more. As our body perspires more during summers it increases the chance of infections. Doctors recommend keeping your intimate area clean and dry to prevent rashes.

Hygiene pre and post-coitus

The most underrated topic to get attention, especially in Indian society. Doctors make people aware of safe and protected sexual intercourse. Health for mother NGO  awarespeople in rural areas with such topics. It is an important topic, especially for a country like India. India is gaining too much population and hence education on such things is utmost important.

Doctor visits

A doctor’s visit is important. Regular check-ups are good for your initial health. Women experience the most hormonal changes. Right from the age of 12 till life women go through many hormonal changes. That is why it is recommended to have no hesitation before going to the doctor.

Wrapping up: –

Women’s Hygiene is important to take care of their holistic health. Maintaining hygiene should be part of one’s everyday hygiene rituals. The availability of different hygiene products helps in keeping the intimate areas clean. However, as all bodies are different do consult your doctors before using any of these. These tips can be kept in mind to ensure a healthy feminine routine and lifestyle.

Health for mother NGO hopes that this article will help you in understanding the importance of women’s health. Make sure that you follow these steps to keep yourself healthy. In case you feel any kind of discomfort immediately consult a doctor. Women need special care as they are the only way to have new generations. Our NGO is trying to make sure that women lead a healthy life.

It is not an overnight procedure to bring change. But taking such baby steps can help to build a better tomorrow. We need a society where people are aware of the importance of maintaining personal hygiene.

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