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Mother Concern Women Help NGOs to transform into Feminist Leader

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Women have been and will continue to be the most important giver to the country. A feminist leader does not only mean women playing leadership roles. Besides this, it has many other factors that need to be known while keeping feminist leadership in mind.  Women should focus on boosting themselves. Women’s SELF, according to Mother Concern, is S-strong, E-empowering, L-leader, and F-fearless. Mother Concern women help ngos that continue working for women’s power.

However, we have seen that many people have misunderstood the word “feminism,” which is mainly used negatively. Feminism is not about repeal against men; rather, it is about respecting the honor and opinion of a voice different from others. India is a male society where the feminist word is most hated. A male-dominating society always tries to crush women when they start having fear of women breaking social norms.

Further, we will discuss why women are important in India, but before that, we will tell you more about feminism. Feminism simply means gender equality, supporting women’s rights, and having equal opportunities with men. According to Mother Concern Women’s help NGOs, is the empowerment of women to eliminate gender inequality. For this reason, our NGO is providing them with better health and education through economic independence.

Mother Concern NGO by raising kindness, through feminism inspires the less powerful and weaker groups of women. We aim as “feminists” towards “humanitarian ” and basic principles of unity, freedom, and empowerment while looking for equal opportunities s for growth and development. In no way are we giving the edge of the feminine over the male or leading to gender inequality.

Women Help NGOS: Why feminism Important in India

Isn’t it mockery when we claim to become a superpower but when we see the ground reality is far different from what has been shown around for years? India is the world’s largest democracy, yet it is shameful that India is still far behind in the Gender Gap Index compared to its neighboring countries except for Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran in south Asia. India’s rank is 135 out of 146 countries.

Women and Education Stats

  • If we talk about NSSO data shared on literacy, there was more inequality in literacy rate and effective literacy rate.
  • When we talk about the Census where 65.46% of women are literate whereas 82.14% of males are literate.
  • 25% of women don’t get primary education in India.
  • Bihar has the least literacy rate of 63.82% and whereas Kerala has the highest literacy rate of 95%.
  • Health and Education are interlinked where Kerala has a high expectancy rate whereas Bihar with least rate has the lowest.
  • Pay equity is directly related to educaation. In rural areas, graduate women earn 5.8 times more than illiterate women, whereas, in urban areas, they earn r 4 times more.
  • People’s awareness of their rights and life choices also influenced through this
  • Surprisingly, only 4.91% of women were in charge of choosing their partners.
  • 65% of Indian women had their first meeting with their husbands on their wedding day.

Women and Pay Parity Stats

Mother Concern women help ngos sharing pay parity stats

  • In urban regions, men earn 30% more than they earn women while having the same educational scene.
  • Whereas in agriculture, women make Rs. 88 compared to Rs. 128 for men. The differences are also in other jobs.
  • According to the 2017 World Bank Report, India ranks 121 out of 131 nations in the world for female office participation, with only 27% of Indian women participating in the labor force.
  • According to the International Labour Organization’s Global Wage Report 2016–17, the gender pay gap was 30%, ranking it the biggest in the world, and it will take more than a century to close.
  • Despite making up 50% of the population, women are unable to give to economic growth due to a lack of education.

Women Help NGOs Stating Reason why feminism is important?

Indian society needs to understand marriage is not only the face of a woman. Every year lakhs of girls died before entering this world and many lakhs of women are worn out due to dowry. Males and females not given the same many Indian houses; education and nutrition for boys. While nutrition for girls is low. Women in so many Indian families eat last after serving everyone else in the family. The government shows that nearly half of teenage Indian girls are underweight and 53 percent are anemic.

The understanding of human rights and development are dependent on gender equality in India. The main goal of gender equality is to create a society. Where men and women have the same opportunities throughout all areas of life. When men and women may equally participate in the issuing of authority and influence, then there is equality between the genders.

Mother Concern Women Help NGOs believe they have the same chances, financial freedom, access to jobs, and education. The chance to chase their own goals, interests, and abilities, then they are equal. Gender equality is important for nation-building and development plans. Because it edge women to make choices that affect their own health as well as the health of their partners and families. From all sides, India needs to achieve gender equality.

As our organization is women’s help ngo all necessary steps to empower with training sessions. Let them give to the Indian economy and be proud of their achievements in life.

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